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Tutorials on editing in iMovie '09 (the new version) can be found on the iLife/iMovie page of the Apple website.

Tutorials on editing in iMovie '06 (the older version) can be found at Apple as well. Look for iMovie HD Multimedia Tutorial (in a grey box on the right hand side of the screen).

Capturing from a tape-based camera to iMovie:

1) Using your production notes, and by previewing your tape on the camera, determine what footage you wish to capture. You will not be capturing all of your footage – just the sections you want (or think you might want) as part of your final film.

2) Connect the Firewire to the camera and computer.

3) Launch iMovie.

4) Click on the camera icon and prepare to capture your selected footage.
* If you are using a new version of iMovie, make sure you choose ‘manual’ instead of ‘automatic’. You will be prompted to create a new event (do so if this is the first capture for the project) or add to an event (do so if you have already created one).

5) Click play to cue up the section to capture and click capture when you are ready. Click pause when you have reached the end of the desired section. Now click FF to scan ahead to the next part of the tape you wish to capture. Repeat the process until all of your footage is captured.

6) Once all of your footage is in – you can unplug the firewire, and put the camera away. * You do not need to unplug the Firewire on the older white iMAcs, or on the new iMac to the right of the small TV monitor. Don’t forget to return your tape to the class bin.

Stop motion animation in Imovie (removing the Kens Burns effect)

Time-code is explained at Video Editing - Using Time Code .