Welcome to the CinemaOwls Wiki for Kelowna Secondary School!

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The purpose of this wiki is to share resources related to all types of media production and filmmaking. Mr. Derksen will be adding some specific resources related to class assignments, and sharing links to many useful on-line tools and tutorials. All interested students and educators - particularly Mr. Derksen's students, are encouraged to embrace the concept of collaboration and build and share knowledge and ideas by participating in this wiki. To do this (and to be able to edit wiki pages) you will need to join the CinemaOwls wiki. Then you can add your own resources, links, and fabulous ideas. Suggestions for how to best organize this wiki are always welcome.

Students remember to check the Contest and Film Festival page regularly for updates – much of the information is time sensitive.

Oh, and don't forget to check-out the CinemaOwls YouTube channel.

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