❛ Screenwriting ❜

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This page is a collection of links and tips about writing for film, for anyone looking to get into that field of the industry.

CeltX - CeltX is an incredibly useful program that's free to download. In the package you download there are a number of different programs
that you can make use of during pre-production, and not just for film; there are also programs tailored specifically for theater productions as well.
One of the most notable things is a scripting program, which lays out an easy-to-use template for screenplays, going so far as to give you the option
to save the file as an Adobe .pdf. When you do, the program automatically numbers the pages and formats what you've written to the industry
standard layout for screenplays.

Screenwriting.info - This is a very useful website to use when writing a script. Screenwriting.info takes you through all the main steps to writing a
good screenplay, with thorough explanations of each step and examples for each. It's an excellent website to use in addition to CeltX as well, if
you don't know all the terms used in the program.