Thinking about what to do after high school?

• A great starting point to research post-secondary opportunities in BC can be found at Education Planner.

• A great resource for researching post-secondary opportunities is ArtEdOptions.ca
"Whether your interest is in fine arts or design, media, education, museum studies or any other visual art-related field, ArtEdOptions.ca can help you find the program and school that is right for you. At ArtEdOptions.ca, learn how to choose the “best” post-secondary art and art-related program and school in Canada. Explore the options available for training in more than twenty art and art-related fields and find out, among more than 300 schools, who teaches what by area of specialization, by province, or by school."

Film Courses and Schools:

You don't have to wait to graduate for many of these opportunities!

• The Gulf Islands Film School www.giftsfilms.com/

• The Director in the Classroom www.thedirectorintheclassroom.com/

• Pacific Cinematheque www.cinematheque.bc.ca

Post Secondary:

An excellent starting point for researching Canadian film schools can be found at Canadianfilm.com
This website has many interesting resources about filmmaking in Canada. The film school section has a main page that allows you to search province by province for the type of film program you might want.

Over spring break one of my students had the opportunity to visit and tour some of the universities for film production in Vancouver, B.C.
Here's her accumulated information from students, professors, and administrators...

*A good way for you to choose a school for film production is to watch the films of the current students!
UBC (A portfolio is needed for application)
An amazing film program for anyone who is looking for a great mix of theory and skill. Definitely for the independent filmmaker, you learn everything you need to know about the film industry and will develop entrepreneurship.
UBC Film Production

•Capilano University (By interview, No Portfolio needed)
A film program that prepares you for working within the film industry. For those who want to work hands on and want to learn all aspects of production (set design, cinematography...)
Capilano is also in the process of building a new film facility, that looks amazing, and should be ready for 2012.
Capilano Motion Picture Arts

SFU (By interview, No Portfolio needed)
A four or five year film program, which requires you to also take classes in other fields of the arts (dance, drama...). In this program you will accumulate films for your portfolio, you will learn to shoot with 16mm in your first year!
Also for the independent filmmaker, but I don't think you will accumulate the networking skills you need to thrive in the industry.
SFU Film

Emily Carr (A Porfolio is needed for application)
As this is an art school, you will do your first year as a foundation year, learning different art skills (screen printing, painting, drawing...), so no films will be made in first year. I understand that their program is more for conceptual filmmaking and documentary, but they did not give very much information about their film program. I would suggest this if you are not quite sure what area of the arts you would like to pursue.
Emily Carr Film Video + Integrated Media
Emily Carr has a great facility and offers courses for teens during the summer here is the link

Biola University - http://academics.biola.edu/cma/

Biola is a internationally acclaimed Christian University which offers an excellent 4 year film major program, for those wishing to make a difference in the film world. Located in La Mirada, California (15 minutes from Disneyland), students have the opportunity to take up internships in Hollywood based production centers across LA as part of their studies. The CNMA (Cinema and Media Arts Major) offers four specific fields of focus; prospective undergrads can choose between:

Your area of focus will determine the range and scope of the courses that you cover during your time at Biola, so that you are prepared to integrate directly into the media world upon completion of your major. Some course offered are, Visual Aesthetics, Cinematography, The Entertainment Business, Advance Screen Writing, Marketing, Advertising, Production Management and more. For information regarding Biola, please visit the link attached to the title.