• An excellent set of easy to follow, yet thorough and complete tutorials have been created by the Knight Digital Media Center (through the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism). Find out why 'handles' are important, how to properly use the razor blade tool, how to do detailed audio editing, and much more - it is highly recommended that you have a look at them!

• Excellent tutorials on editing in Final Cut Pro can also be found at In addition to editing, you will also find tutorials on the other programs that make-up the "Final Cut Studio" suite of programs including Motion, Colour, and Soundtrack Pro.

How to import audio files into Final Cut (including compatible audio formats)

• Time-code is explained at Video Editing - Using Time Code .

Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro (a good "help" site)

• How to Make Video Clips Black and White in Final Cut Pro

• Building Unique Transitions using Video Filters

•Useful keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro

Page from Apple with Plugins and Content for Final Cut

Tutorial on how to achieve Sin City effect

To make a split screen on Final Cut you must put your video clips in separate video tracks over top of each other. Then go to the top right screen and click "image and wire frame" and resize the first clip over top of the other. Then you can move the clips around to where you would like them. This is a split screen.

Slow/Fast Motion: Select your clip and go the "motion" tab on the viewer screen. Change the "speed %" to speed up or slow down the clip as you like.


• If the "effects" tab disappears use the keyboard shortcut command 5 to restore it.
• If the timeline and canvas disappear remember to check if you have a sequence.

• If you need help on rendering video or audio clips, click the track that needs rendering and press command+R.

if the audio is only in one channel and you want it to be in both channels, double click the audio clip and then set the pan to 0. The audio will only show one chanel still but it will actually be present in both.