----- Wondering about the tools of the trade? -----


• Cameras

– A fabulous blog for high-end camera information. Well-worth the look! Rule Boston Camera Blog Also check-out their Learning Lab on Vimeo.

– Tutorials for the Panasonic HMC150 can be found at this link
or at this link.

• Tripods

- For a basic video on how to set-up your tripod, follow this link: http://www.5min.com/Video/Using-a-Tripod-to-stabilize-your-shots-208927058

• Microphones

• Audio Accessories

• Rigs/Stability

– Stabilize your small camera for about $1 with a washer, bolt, and some string: Stabilize Your Camera

- Glidecam: rig for camera stabilization. The shots turn out completely smooth while moving, hence the name "Glide"cam.
Demo of some shots that are possible with the Glidecam.
Official Site

• Lighting

• Camera Cases

• Cables and Connectors

• Computer Hardware and Software