10,000.jpg 10,000 Young People: Designing the Future

Ever wondered what 10,000 young people could do to solve some of the world’s greatest problems? That’s what NoTosh is wanting to find out this month as they help reinvent the world’s most important ICT event, ITU Telecom World 11.
It’s a real chance for students to make a global impact on problems that matter, wherever they are. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime real world project-based learning opportunity, that ties into most teachers’ curriculum at any point in the year.
They’re providing some brief points of inspiration to get you started, over the seven key themes, and will then open up a wiki space where your teachers can collaborate and add to each other’s resources on the areas. Our first theme, appropriately, is how can we provide an education for all?

By October 24, they hope to have videos, photos, blogs and examples or prototypes of what young people believe might help solve challenges on their own doorstep. They want you to tell them how technology could be harnessed to:
  • alleviate poverty and hunger
  • improve education for all
  • address gender inequality
  • make sure everyone has access to health care
  • protect our environment
  • make disabled people’s lives easier
  • close the gap between the developed and developing world
If you are interested in participating please check out the links and see Ms. Holmwood about this exciting opportunity as soon as possible!